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Photoshop   Adobe Photoshop The one tool, more than any other, that has enabled me to give my employers and clients what they need, how they need it, and when they need it. As vast as it is powerful, there is virtually no imaging operation it can not handle. Every image in this Web-site has passed through Photoshop and ImageReady. View the Photoshop portion of my portfolio
Dreamweaver   Adobe Dreamweaver Arguably the unrivaled king of Web-site development. This Web-site was created with Dreamweaver. View some of the other UI's I've designed with Dreamweaver
Lightwave   Newtek's LightWave The 3D app for the masses with increasingly muscular effects and a still palatable sticker price. Using it in conjunction with plug-ins, like Electric Rain's Swift 3D, can empower animators to render gorgeous 3D animations for the Web with highly practical download times. Check out some of the graphics and animations I created for employers and clients using Lightwave.
Flash   Adobe Flash What animators were praying for when the Web got hot. Why waste time on generating an image for every single frame of an animation when you can specify a start, and end, and let math fill the blanks in-between? Truly the killer app. Here are samples of my Flash work
MS Blend   Microsoft's Expression Blend3 Poised to become the killer app that finally bridges the gap between designers and developers, Blend3 lets non-programmers create application elements in WPF or Silverlight that developers can "wire up" with back-end code like C#. I used Blend in this capacity for one and a half years while employed at Protiviti.
Illustrator   Adobe Illustrator Not just the gold standard for print anymore, Adobe's Illustrator is rapidly staking its own claim to the Web. You can use it for straight graphics, SVG and even for animation frames in Flash. I've used it for everything from illustration to UI design and layout.
  Adobe AfterEffects, or as I like to call it, Photoshop for video. A must for affordable post production, animation and titling. This was a weapon of choice when providing freelance animation for a Chicago-based production company.
  Six Apart's Movable Type Finally, a way to build and maintain professional blogs for those of us requiring more customization than Blogspot can offer without requiring a lot of arcane programming wisdom. I used Movable Type in 2006 for the quick-turnaround construction of an industry blog for the niche M2M market.
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