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User Interface Design
Graphic Design
Killer Photoshop

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  • You are here because you need transportation. You need to get from where you've been to where you want to go. To get there, you need someone to refine your vision, to craft the message of that vision, and to convey that message creatively and professionally. You need someone who can not only think outside the box, but someone who can deliver whole new paradigms. You need someone with 10 years of experience in new media who can lead other creative professionals in this pursuit. For this trip, you need a pilot. You need The Pixel Pilot.

    If you are looking to add to your staff, Erik Gloor is currently considering positions for Art Director, Creative Director, Senior Designer, Senior Artist, Media Specialist and similar leadership roles in the fields of communicat-ions, media production, and what ... more

    If you are a small business owner looking to have a custom Web-presence professionally designed, quickly launched, and affordably maintained, your search is over. Ready to have the kind of Web-site everyone envies? Peruse the Portfolio
    3D / 3D Animation
    Video Production
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