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Offering the expertise and judgment that comes with 15 consecutive years designing user interfaces and custom graphics for employers and clients that have included the Tribune Company, Humana, The MacArthur Foundation and Protiviti. From initial concept to design, development, and maintenance, providing Web interfaces, Web-sites, Weblogs, and Rich Internet Applications (RIA’s) that feature compelling original layouts, graphics, animation and video. Creative and technical excellence in XHTML, CSS, Silverlight, Photoshop, Flash, and MS Blend; complemented by a synergy of talent, skill, and experience in 3D Animation, Video Production, Graphic Design, Illustration, and Copy Writing. Ready to generate and enhance both understanding and appreciation of your services, processes, events and functionality.
User Interface Designer | Protiviti 1| 2008 to 2010
Designed user interfaces for custom governance software
Conceptualized, designed, and maintained user interface build-outs and improvements for two complex, custom, browser-based GRC2 applications used on a large scale by over a hundred major corporate and municipal clients including Accenture, Rolex, the governments of the Netherlands and of the United Arab Emirates. Proposed, modeled, and presented innovations for stakeholders to build consensus and ensure sign-off. Additionally enhanced the overall look-and-feel of both applications by adding or improving graphical elements such as the general color-scheme, associated imagery, associated iconography, associated CSS classes and Silverlight “resources.”
Conceptualized, designed, implemented and maintained user-experience paradigms, screen sequences, individual screens and individual screen elements for both a traditional ASP application and a Silverlight RIA.  
  Implemented crucial improvements to the look and layout of both applications -- which played a key role in moving their annual Forrester3 rating up a full category.  
Improved existing, and conceptualized new UI paradigms by synthesizing input from multiple stakeholders and story-boarding screen sequences with the assistance of a business analyst.  
  Creatively turned business and user requirements into elegant user interface solutions as part of a team that included business analysts and development engineers.  
Mocked up initial designs, iterated through revisions, and created final designs that either I then implemented or were used as guides for the development team in their implementation.  
Implemented final designs in the form of color specifications, layout specifications, XXHTML code, CSS styles, original image files, and some Silverlight code utilizing applications like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, MS Blend and Visual Studio.  
Utilized Microsoft Blend 2.0 to overhaul color scheme of Silverlight 2 version of RIA, post-development.  
Utilized Microsoft Blend 3.0 to design and generate custom Silverlight controls, especially animated buttons, for Silverlight 3 version of RIA while it was in development.  
Created XHTML templates containing custom imagery and calling custom CSS styles.  
Created custom imagery and iconography for use in both a traditional ASP application and a Silverlight RIA.  
Customized third-party widgets from vendors like Telerik by modifying their bundled style-sheets and images.  
Wrote original verbiage on various screens, where appropriate, explaining complex business functionality/processes in a way that enhanced usability by managing user expectation.  
User Interface Designer | Professional Consulting Services, Inc. 4| 2000 to 2008
Designed and developed user interfaces for custom online software
Designed, developed, prototyped, and maintained user interfaces for clients that included Humana, The MacArthur Foundation, and GardnerDenver. Developed original concepts from rough sketch, to mood-board, to mock-up, to finished XHTML templates, CSS, and graphics. In cooperation with business analysis team, story-boarded, use-cased, and otherwise integrated screen design into development of custom online software.
Designed, developed, and maintained XHTML templates and cascading style-sheets in concert with the development of custom, browser-based software. Created and implemented all associated graphics. Maintained interfaces post-production using CSS and other global control methodologies.  
Conceived, designed, and implemented user experience, layout, graphics and color-scheme. Assisted business analysis team in the determination of application flow and business logic. Created wire-frames of software in development and deployed them on the Web for client testing, once across multiple departments, comprising hundreds of users.  
Designed corporate ID for firm subsequently purchased by QUALCOMM: created original logo, color-scheme, letterhead, business card, assorted marketing collateral for nPhase, a firm that services the niche “M2M” or “smart services” market and was ultimately purchased by QUALCOMM.  
For clients including Humana, The MacArthur Foundation, and GardnerDenver, create original branding for applications or integrate existing brands by coordinating with client assets and/or applying existing collateral. For smaller clients and start-ups, design corporate ID for Web collateral or expand on existing.  
Designed, developed, and maintained Web-sites with an emphasis on sound design principles, impactful graphics, clear navigation, effective Google placement, fast downloads, and short deployment schedules.  
Designed, developed, and maintained Blogs using Six Apart’s “Movable Type” with an emphasis on sound design principles, impactful graphics, clear navigation, and optimal usability for contributors as well as respondents.  
Acquired, collated, and applied methodologies for SEO.5  
Webmastered in-house Web-sites and ( now offline ) -- designed, developed, and maintained.  
Web Producer | CLTV News6| 1998 to 2000
Designed, developed, produced, and maintained Web-site for 24-hour TV news station
Conceived, designed, constructed, and maintained cltv.com7 for Tribune Company firm, ChicagoLand Television News, better known as CLTV. Kept site current by encoding and uploading video clips; by adding static imagery grabbed from video, and by writing original copy describing up-to-the-minute Chicago-area news.
Helped determine daily news priorities in concert with executive and news producers. Checked facts with TV news reporters and Tribune bureau writers. Monitored wires for breaking news. Provided online resources to compliment on-air programming: links to relevant information, organizations.  
Provided online resources to compliment on-air programming such as links to relevant information, organizations, and video.  
Coordinated CLTV’s online priorities with those of parent firm’s Web vertical, Tribune Interactive.  
Graphics Assistant / Studio Crew | CLTV News | 1997 to 1998
Four jobs in one
Performed in four high-pressure roles as part of an early-morning news production team that produced Chicago’s first live news telecast of the day at that time. Together, these rolls offered a diversity of challenges and required adherence to a demanding schedule that began at 4 am. Individually, each role required quick acquisition of highly specialized, technical skills and rigorous, disciplined execution in a high-pressure, 24-hour news environment.
Graphics Assistant – Crafted on-air graphics for 24-hour TV news station, CLTV. Maintained consistency of on-air look-and-feel by working within the boundaries of pre-defined styles and guidelines for all on-air graphic elements.  
Floor Director – During live telecast, simultaneously rolled teleprompter and pointed talent to appropriate camera. Helped maintain communication between control room and “floor” at all times. Extremely high-pressure position.  
Sound Board Operator – During live telecast, mixed every audio element of show, including music, microphones, live-shots, and videotape. Extremely high-pressure position.  
Robotic Camera Operator  – During live telecast, remotely controlled robotic television cameras.  
Web Designer | 2000 to Present
Designed, developed and maintained custom Web interfaces and Web-sites
Designed, developed, and maintained Web user interfaces and Web-sites for clients including a TV anchorwoman, a midmarket consulting firm, and especially a Chicago-area dance studio of note. Created original concepts from the ground up: from rough sketch, to mood-board, to mock-up, to development, to finished Web-site.
Designed, developed, and currently maintain Web-site promoting independent documentary film ‘THE 904.’  
Completely redesigned Web-site for Chicago-area dance school/agency, Latin Street Dancing, in cooperation with an ASP developer (who handled database and other programmatic elements). Designed all graphics, user experience, application flow, and navigation. Designed custom CMS (Content Management System) client uses to update site.  
Designed, developed and maintained resume Web-site for Chicago-area TV news anchor she credited with vastly shortening her job-search.  
Designed and developed business Web-site for media consulting proprietorship.  
2D Computer Animator | Walter Joseph Communications8 | 1996
AfterEffects for TV commercials, etc.
For clients including Mitsubishi and Century Tile, created still imagery and 2D animation in a Mac environment for TV commercials and corporate training videos.
3D Computer Animator | SCTN Channel 259 | 1995
Lightwave for TV show open
Created 30-second 3D animated logo sequence in an Amiga environment for locally-produced programming with the use of Newtek's Lightwave.
Loyola University Chicago | B.A. Communications, Minor in Political Science | 1992
Classical liberal arts education with a focus on effective written communication
Studied investigative reporting under the late locally-noted reporter, Edmund J. Rooney as well as published author, Connie Fletcher. Further relevant coursework included Ethics, Copy-Editing, Advanced Composition for Pre-Law, and Mass Communications Law.
Art Director, Loyola Phoenix 1989-92 Responsible for graphic elements. Created feature illustrations and editorial cartoons. Laid out Comics page. Solicited and incorporated student art and comics.  
Contributor, Loyola Phoenix 1987-92 Conceived, wrote, illustrated award-winning serial graphic-novel style cartoon strip, ‘The Agency,’ published weekly. Feature articles published: ‘Guardian Angels in Chicago,’ ‘Logo Change at Loyola.’  
Featured Contributor, Cadence Magazine, 1988 and 1989 Illustrations published in year-end magazine featuring student art, poetry and short stories.  
College Gold Circle Award: ‘Information Graphic in Two or More Colors’ presented by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association.  
Columbia College Chicago | Computer Graphics & Animation | 1994-7
The Midwest’s premier media school
Studied computer graphics, 2D and 3D computer animation for video; especially Adobe’s Photoshop, Newtek’s ‘Lightwave’ and the precursor to the Oscar-Award-winning ‘Maya’ platform: ‘Alias|Wavefront.’
Melissa Ross Host / Producer, " First Coast Connect" WJCT 89.9 FM in Jacksonville, Florida
Co-worker: CLTV News 1997 - 2000 | Client: Web services since 2000
c. 904 .993 .1896   w. 904 .358 .6382    e.
Alex Feygin Application Architect, Protiviti
Co-worker / Team Leader: Protiviti, 2008 - 2010
c. 310 .351 .0254   e.
Matthew Cook Manager of Information Systems, The Chicago Bears NFL Football Team
Co-worker: PCS, Inc. 2000 – 2002
c. 708 .267 .1716   w. 847 .739 .5255   e.
Shira Hamman Software Developer 3, Protiviti
Co-worker: Protiviti, 2008 - 2010
(contact information available upon request)
David Hauck Field System Administrator, Sysco Food Services
Personal friend since 1991
c. 847 .275 .5193   h. 847 .201 .6995   w. 847 .795 .2533   e.
1. Protiviti is a global business consulting and internal audit firm parented by Robert Half International. Back
2. GRC - Governance, Risk & Compliance Back
3. Forrester Research is an independent research company that provides advice to business and technology firms. Back
4. SEO - Search Engine Optimization. Back
5. PCS, Inc. is an IT consultancy in business since 1990 and is based out of Chicago, Illinois. Back
6. Chicagoland Television News is a 24-hour cable TV news station in business since 1993 and is based out of Chicago, IL Back
7. CLTV's current Web-site is NOT the site I created for them in 1998. Back
8 Walter Joseph Communications was a Chicago-based video production firm. More information is unavailable as it no longer operates under this name. Back
9. SCTN, Channel 25 was a cable TV station owned and operated by the business entity Chicago Cable. More information is unavailable as it no longer operates under this name. Back
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