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Experience User Interface Designer, Protiviti
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Freelance Web Design
UI Designer, Protiviti
UI Designer, PCS
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Experience Overview
Conceptualized, designed, and maintained user interfaces for two complex, custom, browser-based GRC applications used on a large scale by hundreds of major corporate and municipal clients like Accenture, Rolex, the governments of the Netherlands and of the United Arab Emirates. Proposed, modeled, and presented innovations for stakeholders to build consensus and ensure sign-off. Additionally enhanced the overall look-and-feel of each application by adding or improving graphic elements such as the general color-scheme, associated imagery, associated iconography, associated CSS classes and/or Silverlight “resources.”
Drawing on 13 ½ years of professional UI design experience, conceptualized, designed, implemented and maintained user-experience paradigms, screen sequences, individual screens and individual screen elements for both a traditional ASP application and a Silverlight RIA.  
Improved old, and conceptualized new UI paradigms by synthesizing input from multiple stakeholders and story-boarding screen sequences with the assistance of a business analyst.  
Mocked up initial designs, iterated through revisions, and created final designs that either I then implemented or were used as guides for the development team in their implementation.  
Implemented final designs in the form of color specifications, layout specifications, HTML code, CSS styles, original image files, and some Silverlight code utilizing applications like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, MS Blend and Visual Studio.  
Utilized Microsoft Blend 2.0 to overhaul color scheme of Silverlight 2 version of RIA, post-development.  
Utilized Microsoft Blend 3.0 to design and generate custom Silverlight controls, especially animated buttons, for Silverlight 3 version of RIA while it was in development.  
Created HTML templates containing custom imagery and calling custom CSS styles.  
Created custom imagery and iconography for use in both a traditional ASP application and a Silverlight RIA.  
Customized third-party widgets from vendors like Telerik by modifying their bundled style-sheets and images.  
Wrote original verbiage on various screens, where appropriate, explaining complex business functionality/processes in a way that enhanced usability by managing user expectation.  
120 South LaSalle
22nd Floor
Chicago, IL
60603 USA
312 .476 .6050
Protiviti is a global business consulting and internal audit firm parented by Robert Half International.
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