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Copy Writing
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Wrote professional news stories for the CLTV News Web-site from 1998 to 2000. This involved everything from writing original copy based on my own reportage to re-writing teleprompter and wire copy for print. Detail and background were often added via in-person communications with CLTV and Triubune bureau reporters.

Wrote professional methodology paper for PCS, Inc. This 20-plus page document describes a knowledge base of best practices for software front-end design gleaned from sources including the academic and the anectdotal. This document was created for PCS, Inc. and is used in the sales process. The document's introduction is excerpted here

Due in part to technical and contractual issues, a more complete record of this work experience is unavailable. However, more extensive writing samples for Erik Gloor do exist in the form of the following movie reviews submitted at various points in time to Internet Movie Database ( IMDb ). They appear on this site for your convenience:
David Lynch's Mullholland Drive a Haunting Portrait of Hollywood's Legacy
Once again we plunge into the upside-down world of David Lynch and watch dumbstruck as he peels back the thin veneer our grandfathers used to mask a society rotted at the edges by want and war. To eee-liminate the negative, keep up with the Joneses, defeat the Reds, and participate in the Eisenhower-era pro ... more
Disappointing Sequel Proves The Matrix Franchise Needs Reboot
Astonishingly, the people who created The Matrix seem to have no idea what made it so good. This is the only logical explanation for the fact that The Matrix Reloaded is just plain bad. The Wachowski brothers have clearly lost their way with this sequel to the film that helped define a generation. In the present installment ... more
Angel Heart a Fallen Angel
If Angel Heart could have kept its plot moving instead of saving it all for the last three minutes, it might have been forgiven its meandering train of Mickey Rourke scene-stealers and taken its place next to real noir classics like Chinatown. Granted, watching Rourke pull his rumpled charm on a wide assortment of interestin ... more
Except where otherwise stated, the written materials herein are the exclusive intellectual property of Erik R. Gloor ©2000 to 2010
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