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Portfolio Video Production & 3D Animation
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3D Animation
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Portfolio Overview
Nearly every step of my career and education has involved, to one extent or another, production of professional video. Whether it was graphics and production for TV news at CLTV; freelance animation for video at SCTN and then Walter Joseph Communications; Computer Graphics for Video at Columbia College or TV101 at Loyola University.
This accumulated experience and exposure was instrumental when, while employed by PCS, I was asked to produce a three-minute "infommercial" for a client's Web-site and do it on a shoe-string budget.
Beginning with Newtek's LightWave and moving on to Alias | Wavefront* ( the precursor to the Oscar-Award-Winning Maya animation platform ), studying 3D computer animation at Chicago's Columbia College culminated in a professional freelance engagement; hands-on experience with some of the most powerful 3D animation software ever devised; a career-spanning appreciation of 3D and how it can be used for Web content; and among others, this short clip I created with Alias | Wavefront in 1996.
With the advent of increasingly widespread high-speed connections and increasingly economical file formats, the future for 3D animation in new media is axiomatically bright.
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Client: nPhase, LLC
Created: 2003
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Running Late
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Client: ( Student project )
Created: Spring, 1996
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Client: SCTN Ch. 25
Created: Spring, 1996
*In 1995, Silicon Graphics formed Alias | Wavefront when it bought Alias Research and Wavefront Technologies and merged the firms. In March of 2003, the new company was honored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with an Oscar for scientific and technical achievement for their development of the Maya software. Later that same year, Alias | Wavefront was renamed Alias Systems Corporation. Then Silicon Graphics sold it to Accel KKR in 2004. In January of 2006, Autodesk, makers of 3D Studio Max and AutoCAD acquired Alias in a cash purchase of nearly $200 million.
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