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Experience User Interface Designer, PCS Inc.
InterfaceMason Blog
Freelance Web Design
UI Designer, Protiviti
UI Designer, PCS
Web Producer
Graphics Assistant
Freelance Animator
Experience Overview
Designed, developed, prototyped, and maintained user interfaces for clients that included Humana, The MacArthur Foundation, and GardnerDenver. Developed original concepts from rough sketch, to mood-board, to mock-up, to finished HTML templates, CSS, and graphics. In cooperation with business analysis team, story-boarded, use-cased, and otherwise integrated screen design into development of custom online software.
Designed, developed, and maintained HTML templates and cascading style-sheets in concert with the development of custom, browser-based software. Created and implemented all associated graphics. Maintained interfaces post-production using CSS and other global control methodologies.  
Conceived, designed, and implemented user experience, layout, graphics and color-scheme. Assisted business analysis team in the determination of application flow and business logic. Created wire-frames of software in development and deployed them on the Web for client testing, once across multiple departments, comprising hundreds of users.  
Designed corporate ID for firm subsequently purchased by QUALCOMM: created original logo, color-scheme, letterhead, business card, assorted marketing collateral for nPhase, a firm that services the niche “M2M” or “smart services” market and was ultimately purchased by QUALCOMM.  
For clients including Humana, The MacArthur Foundation, and GardnerDenver, create original branding for applications or integrate existing brands by coordinating with client assets and/or applying existing collateral. For smaller clients and start-ups, design corporate ID for Web collateral or expand on existing.  
Designed, developed, and maintained Web-sites with an emphasis on sound design principles, impactful graphics, clear navigation, effective Google placement, fast downloads, and short deployment schedules.  
Designed, developed, and maintained “Blogs” (Weblogs) using Six Apart’s “Movable Type” with an emphasis on sound design principles, impactful graphics, clear navigation, and optimal usability for contributors as well as respondents.  
Acquired, collated, and applied methodologies for optimizing the search-engine placement of Web-sites and individual Web-pages.  
Webmastered in-house Web-sites and ( now offline ) -- designed, developed, and maintained.  
PCS, Inc.
1415 N. Dayton St,
Ste. 3S
Chicago, IL 60622-2610
Professional Consulting Services is an IT consultancy in business since 1990 and is based out of Chicago, Illinois.
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