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Experience Graphics Assistant , CLTV News
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Freelance Web Design
UI Designer, Protiviti
UI Designer, PCS
Web Producer
Graphics Assistant
Freelance Animator
Experience Overview
The position of AM Graphics Assistant as it existed at CLTV News in 1997 comprised two separate job descriptions and four distinct areas of repsonsibility. The first job description was that of assistant to the station's graphic artist, responsible primarily for maintaining consistency in all on-air graphics. This was important because several new graphics are required every day as new stories break and because they can break at almost any time of day and because CLTV is a 24-hour news operation. The second job description was that of studio crew, which encompassed the remaining three areas of responsibility.
Crafted on-air graphics for 24-hour TV news station, CLTV. Maintained consistency of on-air look-and-feel by working within the boundaries of pre-defined templates and guidelines for all on-air graphic elements, including "over-the-shoulder" (OTS) boxes, "full-screen slates," (FSS) and maps. These graphic elements often required extremely fast turnaround times and were occasionally completed just seconds to air for live telecast. Provided increasingly creative input for the OTS and FSS elements. Updated Web-site in absence of Web Producer.
Floor Director  During live telecast, performed operations at behest of director by simultaneously rolling teleprompter and pointing talent to appropriate camera. Fetched guests and dollied cameras for interview segments. Ensured all relevant parties had a script prior to air. Helped maintain communication between control room and floor at all times. Extremely high-pressure position.
Sound Board Operator  During live telecast, performed operations at behest of director by controlling levels for and "mixing" every audio element of show, including music, microphones, live-shots, and videotape. Extremely high-pressure position.
Robotic Camera Operator  During live telecast, performed operations at behest of director by remotely controlling robotic television cameras.
  Live TV News
  "OTS" Graphic
  Typical Sounboard
2000 York Road
Suite 114
Oak Brook, IL 60523
Chicagoland Television News is a 24-hour cable TV news station in business since 1993 and is based out of Oak Brook, Illinois.
* CLTV's current Web-site is NOT the site I created for them in 1998.
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